Take your camera off automatic mode and learn to celebrate the joy of manual while exploring some amazing scenery and street art

If you’re a big fan of taking photos and want to learn some snazzy tips from the professionals while discovering some of the most fantastic secret spots in Sydney, then this is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Small, intimate groups of up to eight people meet at a pre-determined spot. You just need your camera, your imagination and a good set of walking shoes.  The photography walks take two hours and go ahead rain, hail or shine, so bring a jacket or an umbrella if the skies are looking dark.

The photography mentors are internationally experienced professionals who know their stuff, and it doesn’t matter what sort of camera you have, they can teach you something new. For those who want to take their DSLR photography to the next level, the next two hours will give you the confidence to get out there and play with your art.

After hellos and introductions where you can share how much or how little you know and what you’d like to achieve with your camera, there’s a little run through of the relationship between aperture, light and shutter speed. The shooting begins pretty much straight away. Around the alleyways and back streets of Newtown there’s a wealth of street art, graffiti and seriously funky inner-city scenes that offer a wide spectrum of colour, light, shade and atmosphere for you to sink your camera teeth into.

There’s plenty of one-on-one time with your instructors, who seem to have a wizard-like knowledge of the different brands and makes of cameras. With digital photography improving at such a rapid pace, they can give you an insight into the strengths and limits of your baby and help you understand how to coax the best out of it.

There are tips on field of view, the rule of thirds, negative space and how to make the best use of the ‘golden light’ – that magical time just after sunrise or just before sunset that’s every photographer’s dream because their subject is bathed in golden tones with no harsh edges or awkward shadows.

If you’re more into nature, beaches or city scenes, there are coastal walks, night walks and Sydney scene essentials to choose from. You can even go further afield with walks currently available not just in Sydney, but in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, New York and San Francisco.

You’ll go from relying on auto to taking properly lit, well-composed manual shots in no time. As with all photography, you’ve just got to get out there and practise, but after a photography walk with DJB World Photography, you’ll have the confidence to take it off automatic and really make the shot your own.


By Lee Brooks

Twitter: @Brooksie101


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