You’ll never ask for nude nails ever again!


Having painted nails can not only look great but it can also really polish off your overall look. But aside from the obvious (single colour) that has been around for years, the rise of statement nails and nail art has been emerging around the world, and now it’s hit Aussie shores.

Nail art gives you the opportunity to extend your style, personality and even bring out your quirks. The possibilities are endless and they’re very, very colourful! Cleopatra Tucker, owner and creative genius behind Cutiecoolz nail art bar in Sydney’s Paddington says that the trends from her homeland, England are much crazier, but she has seen more and more Aussies wanting to express themselves through their nails.

‘I used to do it just for myself and friends,’ says Cleopatra, ‘but I always wanted to have a nail art bar until one day my husband just told me to go for it, and so I did!’


Stepping into the Cutiecoolz nail art bar, upstairs from the Sam Overton Salon on William Street in Paddington, you know you’ve entered a vibrant space where creativity flows and where colour is key. It reflects Cleopatra’s cool and friendly personality.

Her designs could be pieces of artwork. But if you’re thinking of going outside her designs, fear not because she is more than excited to come up with amazing new ones to suit you.

‘Everyone seems to want the ‘eye’ design, I think it’s because some fashion designers use it in their pieces, so that’s a popular one, but everyone is different,’ she says.

Each design is hand painted onto each fingernail – her attention to detail is exceptional! From the fluffy feathers on a flamingo to the prickly texture on a pineapple, Cleopatra gets it all done. The great thing about hand-painted nail art is the fact that no two designs are identical – your watermelon nails could look completely different to the next customer’s.

This experience is a fantastic treat for yourself or for a Christmas or birthday present!


By Alex Lazcano




t: 0410 138 672

a: Sam Overton Salon, 64 William street, Paddington, Sydney


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