Pet-friendly cottages

Have you ever wanted a holiday with your furry four-legged bestie but struggled to find pet-friendly accommodation? Or pet-friendly accommodation that’s up to standard? We hear ya.

Countrywide Cottages is set in the amazing bushscape of Otway Forest. It’s family and pet-friendly accommodation that makes you feel right at home.

Upon your arrival you’ll find a hand-written welcome note on the veranda chalkboard, and be greeted with a warm welcome by the lovely Di, the owner of Countrywide Cottages.

Enter the cottages to find a dog bed, bowls, and homemade doggy treats. As well as bird food to feed the local king parrots and rosellas. Not to mention the human delights: home-made biscuits, relish made by Di and a wine selection that you can purchase from reception. Your dog will be woofing, the birds chirping, and you’ll be grinning with smiling eyes!


You have the choice of staying at one of four cottages including:

  • Ferny Reach – 2 bedroom
  • Igloo – 2  bedroom
  • Villa – 3 bedroom
  • Canopy – 3 bedroom

Your surrounds include the sound of the local native birds, echidnas that burrow on the side of the pathways, and possibly the sighting of a koala.

If you are the adventurous type there are short bush walks around the property that you can explore, guided by ‘walking man’ signs to the entrances. A map is conveniently given to you upon arrival and access to longer walks on the bottom right-hand corner of the property is also available.

To get your recreational kick, head to the back paddock where you will find Di’s American-style Saloon with a pool table and table tennis. Adjacent to this is the Blacksmith and Saddlery shop where there is an undercover gas barbeque and indoor/outdoor picnic tables. Di also provides a picnic set comprising cups, plates and cutlery for you to bring up to the barbeque area.


The large dam between Di’s house and the cottages is full of yabbies and Di provides a detailed description on how to catch and cook them them in her welcome book!

Entertainment includes a selection of movies, magazines, games and books.

Di also has a sustainability policy and all water is collected onsite, which makes the experience feel that tiny bit more in tune with nature.

Enjoy the indoor wood-fire heater at night if it’s cool or air-conditioner if it’s hot. Or create your own campfire outside in the already set up area. Listen to the sound of nature as you fall sleep – in one word bliss! You’ll want more than two days here to unwind and escape the daily grind.


by Jasmine Zehetner


Country Wide Cottages


t: 352887399

a: 1205 Winchelsea – Deans Marsh Road
Bambra Victoria 3241 Australia



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