Competitive eater Sir Eats-A-Lot reveals his secrets

Issac Martin, otherwise known as Sir Eats-A-Lot, is Melbourne’s answer to Adam Richman from Man v. Food. He’s a competitive eater and has been doing food challenges for four years. In that time he’s conquered some seriously impressive foodie feats. He’s done almost 100 food challenges, and in one he successfully smashed through a 3.5 kg burger. This guy is a force to be reckoned with.

But just how does he eat such crazy amounts of food? And how is he as lean as he is? We had to find out more.

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Our “Don’t try this at home” disclaimer: Please note that The GAB does not endorse overeating nor encourage regular competitive eating as a healthy practice!

GAB: So, Sir Eats-A-Lot, how did you get into competitive eating?

Sir Eats-A-Lot: I’ve been competitive eating and doing food challenges for about four years. It started as a bit of fun on a family trip to America because I loved the TV show Man v. Food. When I failed a couple and won a couple (America is a different stratosphere to us in terms of challenges) it got me pretty determined to improve. At that stage Australia had very few on offer, but I did ones I could here and there. Then in 2013 went on a holiday to the UK. In three weeks I did about 12 challenges and won 80%. At one stage in London I went four days without paying for food between winning food challenges and hotel breakfasts.

When I completed my training, I moved from Queensland to Melbourne for work opportunities and discovered a much more diverse food challenge culture. I met other competitive eating friends (Chompamatic, Hulksmashfood, JacJak) and actually initiated something called #foodchallengefebruary to knock as many off the list as possible. Needless to say I’ve done most of the challenges that are on offer. Currently my record stands at 70 challenges and 57 wins.

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GAB: And just how do you prepare for that insane amount of food?

Sir Eats-A-Lot: I like to have eaten a larger then average meal within three to four days leading up to a challenge. But mainly I eat really clean and healthy food. That ensures the whole system is working smoothly. Then on the day of a challenge I drink a fair amount of water in the morning, and then avoid liquids except for green tea (diuretic) until I compete. I also try to fit in a workout where I lift heavy weights to increase my metabolic rate.


Sir Eats-A-Lot’s top 5 tips for competitive eating:

  1. Mind over matter. Even competitive eaters hit a wall and feel full.
  1. Find your own technique/method. Not everyone’s the same. Some people go hard and fast at the start, others (like me) a more measured pace but constant throughout the entire challenge.
  1. Don’t get down about failing to win or complete challenges in the beginning. When I started I probably had a worse then 50% conversion rate. It’s through failures you learn how to improve for the next challenge.
  1. Be prepared. It’s all well and good to try something spur of the moment. But the more prepared you are the better. Pre-comp or challenge I spend 48 hours eating clean whole foods (low sugar, low fat, no processed carbs) and increase my water intake.
  1. Get active. I like to do a heavy weights session prior to eating. Lifting heavy peaks the metabolism for a lot longer post exercise then cardio, which helps in breaking down large amounts of consumed food.


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