Ever wondered how to smoke your own bacon, cheese and nuts, smoke a trout or even honey?

Bonnie Halliday from SMALT cold smoked salt & fudge tells us the ins and outs


If you’ve ever wondered how to smoke your own bacon, cheese, nuts, trout or even honey, cold smoking is a method that might interest you. I absolutely love our cold smoker and have found it to be so very useful for enhancing our food with a delicious, natural smoky aroma and flavour.

Our humble beginning – My partner and I love smoky flavours, we also love salt. We wanted to find a way to infuse our everyday meals with both of these elements. This is where our passion for cold smoking began.

Cold smoking is a method used to infuse all types of food with a smoky flavour without actually cooking it. So many types of food can be infused with a delicious smoky flavour using this technique. As the name suggests, cold smoking is different to hot smoking as the heat from the burning wood chips is separate to the food and the smoke is cold by the time it reaches the smoking vessel – where the food will be waiting.

As well as cold smoking our salt, we have experimented with cheese, nuts, butter, milk and yoghurt.


Smoked cheddar is simply divine. Chop up a block of cheddar into five equal slices. Cold smoke for three hours, then vac seal each block individually and store them in the fridge. After two to three weeks, the cheddar will be darker in colour and rich with a deep smoky flavour. We use apple wood chips for our cheese as its delicate flavour and aroma still allow the flavours of the cheese to be appreciated.

There’s a massive array of wood types for every occasion and style of cooking. It’s fun to experiment with wood and food combinations. Keep in mind that unlike a hot or charcoal smoker, you will always have to cook meat once it has been in the cold smoker – the cold smoker will not cook your meat only infuse it with a delicious smoky flavour.

We use our cold smoked salt on almost everything we cook – sweet or savoury. I have even found that the cold smoked sea salt takes caramel fudge to a whole new level of deliciousness!

I hope this has inspired you to try cold smoking!

By Bonnie Halliday from SMALT cold smoked salt & fudge. Check out their awesome smoked products at

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