Find out why this pan is rocking the restaurant scene


This pan has been gong nuts on Kickstarter. And for a good reason – it’s the first-ever rivetless iron production pan. Made from a single piece of steel, the AUS-ION is the world’s most advanced steel pan.

Designed and made in Australia, the AUS-ION comes pre-seasoned. And because it’s made from a single piece of steel the handle will never fall off, and there are no rivets for food to get stuck in (a gripe of many chefs).

This bad boy will outperform any steel pan in the world.

And the lucky few chefs who have been given pre-production AUS-ION pans are raving about them.

Great new product that chefs of Australia are getting behind. The only fully Australian-made, one-piece steel fry pans. Not only do they have no rivets therefore one piece with cool handles, they are pre-seasoned and ready for use.

Australian Culinary Federation Facebook post during Fine Foods Sydney, Sept 2015

It’s so hard to find any kitchen equipment these days that is made in Australian that is the quality that Solidteknics is… I haven’t come across any pans that perform in a busy restaurant as well as these.

Chef Mark Le Brooy, Three Blue Ducks, The Farm, Byron Bay.

Solidteknics, run by food-loving mechanical engineer MJ Henry, has long been known for pioneering cookware – they’ve had four successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past. It seems only fitting that they’re now pioneering a whole new category of commercial cookware. We just had to see what all the fuss was about.


We test it out

The AUS-ION comes pre-seasoned, but you can season it again if you like, which we did (we followed this tutorial). Firstly you pour a bit of flaxseed oil (or something similar) into the pan, and then using a cloth smear it all over to coat the pan in a thin layer of oil. You want this layer to be as thin as possible to avoid streaking. Then you put the oiled pan into a very hot oven for an hour. And you can repeat this process three or four times for best results.

We then whacked the pan onto the hob over a high heat, and seared off our steak, which we had pre-prepared by cooking sous vide at 57C for two hours. The exceptional results are pictured below.


The verdict: You get all of the natural nonstick benefits of cooking with cast iron, but it’s lighter and easier to handle. And because it’s one piece of tough Aussie steel, the AUS-ION has multi-century durability (seriously – the company’s stated warranty is ‘multi-century’!) – that’s got to be pretty impressive by anybody’s standards.

Get one: Get your very own AUS-ION pan by backing the Kickstarter campaign:

18cm Formed-iron Skillet: RRP $79
26cm Formed-iron Skillet: RRP $99
30cm Formed-iron Wok: RRP $149