Soothe your soul by The Burrow’s billabong


Light is fading as you look out from your mud-brick cottage in Victoria’s Yarra Valley on five acres, overlooking a serene billabong that’s alive with activity. Birdsong fills the air as everyone finds a place to roost, and as they begin to settle, an orchestra of frogs starts up, reaching a crescendo as night continues to fall. It’s the perfect spot to quieten your mind and allow yourself time to recharge.

When you push open the gates at The Burrow at Wombat Bend, it’s as if your body changes down a gear, time appears to slow and your senses heighten as you catch your first glimpse of the billabong and start to drink in the wonders of nature all around you.


Their vision

35 years ago horticulturists and landscape designers Sue and Bill purchased a bare five-acre paddock bereft of trees, water, wildlife or character. They understood where the contours and watercourses once were, how the land would have been, had man not cleared it for grazing. And work soon began, forming waterways, creating a billabong, and selecting Australian plants for habitat and shade. The dwellings are designed to rest gently in the landscape; nothing jars, everything blends, lines soothe.


Your B&B

The cosy Burrow is your own bird hide, with view-framing windows and a deck so you can observe and admire the billabong just meters away, busying itself around you. The cottage is beautifully self-contained and provides everything you could possibly want, from the fully equipped kitchen right down to the exquisite bed linen. You feel completely at home the minute you arrive and for many, it’s the ideal spot to let their creativity flow; their repeat guests include writers, artists and musicians who love the inspiring tranquility.


Find one of the seats placed around the landscape and quietly observe; appreciate the line of sight and listen to the wildlife conversations going on around you. ‘The saying is true, we built it, and they have come,” says Sue of the 100+ species of birds that call Wombat Bend home.


Sue and Bill love to spoil their guests with goodies from their garden, a fridge laden with treats, and even port and cheese – no-one goes hungry at The Burrow. And with wineries and great restaurants all around you, you can enjoy eating in or out.

So, the next time you need some time out, treat yourself to a few days in harmonious existence with nature… wombats included.


The Burrow at Wombat Bend


T: (03) 5965 2338 and M: 0408 122 598