Five totally ridiculous (in a good way), completely gluttonous burger challenges – and the guy who’s smashed them all


Competitive eater Issac Martin, otherwise known as Sir Eats-A-Lot, is Melbourne’s version of the Man v. Food legend, Adam Richman. Who, incidentally, was actually Sir Eats-A-Lot’s inspiration to get started with this whole eating challenge thing. After doing almost a hundred burger challenges around the world, he tells us his top five in Melbourne.

Over to you, Sir Eats-A-Lot.

The Don at The Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond

TBBB The Don before

This is probably the hardest burger challenge in Melbourne. Currently 170 people have attempted it and I am the only person to have successfully finished it (after three attempts). Originally this 2kg burger comprising a three-tiered, specially made cobb loaf, two 600g wagyu beef patties with bacon and cheese on both layers, lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo, ketchup and barbecue sauce, plus onion rings on top, 400g side of fries and two cans of soft drink was to be completed in 30 minutes or sacrifice the $45 meal cost. However, when no one came close to doing it, the rules were altered to whoever could complete it entirely would set the time and the next victor must break that record. After three attempts – I’m persistent – I managed to finish everything in 75 minutes. That was almost a hundred challengers ago and still no one else has been able to complete it. (NB: they 24 hours notice to reserve an attempt.)

Super Saiyan Challenges at JD’s Burgers, Kew

There are varying scales of difficulty of Super Saiyan Challenges at JD’s to suit a variety of appetites. All burgers consist of beef, bacon and cheese combos on a brioche bun with JD’s special sauce. The Super Saiyan 5 (5x combo layer) is to be completed in five minutes, the Super Saiyan 7 in nine minutes, and the hero of challenges is the Legendary Super Saiyan Challenge, which comprises 1.5kg of eight combo layer burgers costing $50 if defeated – but it’s free if completed in under 13 minutes.

The Tower of Power & The Mountain of Minis Challenges at Café 51, South Melbourne

before shot

This venue actually offers two separate challenges (and rates in my top three for regular burgers in Melbourne) – I’ve successfully completed both challenges. They both cost $50 to attempt (money back if you’re successful) and winners receive a cool limited print Cafe 51 tee, a free burger on their next visit and their photo on the wall of fame.

a) Tower of Power: At the time this burger was an Australian record coming in at 3kg of beef alone. 20 150g beef patties, a slice of cheese on every layer, sauce and a bun. Whilst a special promotional event was held to launch this burger, Steve and the team are still willing to construct it for anyone willing to give it a crack – but be warned the current time to beat is a mere 14 minutes and 43 seconds.

b) Mountain of Minis: This one’s all about speed and lung capacity! It’s a five-minute dash to eat as many cheeseburger sliders as possible. Currently I hold the record at 12 sliders in five minutes.

Big Dog Dog Bowl Challenge at Big Dog Diner, Frankston

BDC burger

This quaint little diner-style joint out in the SE suburbs offers a quad stack (4x beef) burger with cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato and sauce sitting in the middle of a dog bowl filled with shoestring fries. If successfully completed within 15 minute, winners receive a Big Dog cap – and a whole lotta kudos.

King Con Challenge at Con’s Chippery, Shepparton


This is a team challenge. Two eaters vs. King Con. A 5kg plate of food consisting of a monstrous burger (1.2kg beef, 1/2kg of bacon, cheese galore, a dozen eggs, a whole lettuce, two tomatoes and beetroot) and fries to take the weight up to 5kg. This challenge had existed for two to three years undefeated until my friend Chompamatic and I made the journey north to prove it could be done. It was a lot tougher then we expected. The 30-minute time limit seemed generous for two people but we took it right down to the final seconds with food furiously being mashed, chewed and swallowed. Con (the owner) was gracious enough to reward us with a cash prize and the meal for free since we completed it – we are still the only people to have ever completed this challenge.


By Issac Martin, aka Sir Eats-A-Lot

Follow his eating adventures on Facebook:, Instagram: @issac_eatsalot, and YouTube: Sir Eats-A-Lot.


Recently launched is the Super Saiyan God challenge at JD’s Burgers, which at 3kg is potentially the biggest burger challenge in Melbourne. It comprises 16 layers of beef, bacon and cheese. It’s $99 if you fail, but the meal is free if you’re successful, your Polaroid goes on the wall-of-fame and you get a free burger on your next visit. This can be done as a solo (40-minute limit) or tag team (26-minute limit). Issac is trying this one on October 10.

Watch Sir Eats-A-Lot demolish The Don Burger at The Beer & Burger Bar

Our “Don’t try this at home!” disclaimer: Please note that The GAB does not endorse overeating nor encourage competitive eating as a healthy practice.

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