A Hidden Gem at the End of the Swan Valley Trail

There is a well-established picnic spot, under the shade of the eucalyptus trees, overlooking a rocky pool of the Avon River. If you’ve been wandering through the Swan Valley collecting delectable fare, or if you are a local looking for a great picnic spot; then look no further than Walyunga.
Tucked into the Darling Range, in the scenic Avon Valley and alongside the Avon River; smart people have chosen a picnic spot where the granite boulders have tumbled the river into small rapids and collected the outflow into a large serene pool.

There are free gas BBQs, lots of picnic tables or grassy areas if you wish to lay down a blanket, and toilets on site. Birdlife +++, hiking trails, kangaroo if you come early or stay til dusk and goanna.

Breath in the fresh air, relax and unwind with family and friends, soak up some true Aussie home-style ambiance. Yes, there is water in the river; it’s really cold but the kids never seem to mind.

And it comes as an all-weather package: on a hot summer day one is protected from the sun’s direct glare by the eucalyptus trees and cooled by the breeze off the water; in winter, rugged up and full of hot food off the BBQ and robust red wine from the Swan Valley; and in spring and autumn, using the opportunity to explore further afield – maybe only steady rain could dampen the mood.

Easily found 15 minutes north of the Swan Valley, on the Great Northern Highway and well directed by a brown tourist sign. Entry is $12 per car and uses an honesty system [so bring cash and a pen].

All-in-all, a great day out.


By Viktoria King

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