Mix up your fitness regime and add aerial yoga for all-over body strengthening, core and flexibility

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You would be right to be curious and intrigued as to what aerial yoga is all about.

The location is central and located just a five-minute walk from St Leonards station. Anticipation awaits as you climb the stairs and are greeted by a warm smile from founder Fiona who shows you around the slick looking glass studio, which delivers a relaxed spa feel. Separate male and female changing rooms delightfully decked out give you space to slip into something more comfortable – but not too loose!

Fiona prides herself on the challenging yet playful classes, and you can just drop in for one of the classes of treat yourself to a private lesson – the benefit of this is no one else around to see the fear on your face as you let your body go against its programming and rely on the silky Harrison hammock to support you.


Fiona guides you through the different stages and levels of the antigravity fundamentals and you really do start to gain confidence. It does take a while as you wrap the silks around yourself almost like a scene from Cirque Du Soleil.

You will be hanging upside down as a refreshing flow of blood energises and stimulates parts of your brain and body that feel like they haven’t been touched in years.

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Lean back, drop, hang and swing. Reminiscent of younger days on the swing in the park, here you really can fly!

You leave feeling like you’ve had a good workout. NSW Waratahs is one of many sporting teams Fiona has worked with or currently works with. The feeling is energetic and you feel a sense of calm, maybe next time try the Yang & Yin yoga class.

The beauty of this unique and very up-and-coming type of class is that there are zero compression inversions, and it’s an opportunity to free your mind.

Head home, take a long soak in the bath, sip on a herbal tea and look through the website below as you book your next class.


Neil experienced the AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, which costs $45, concessions $40, for a drop in class, $299 for a 10-class pass and $110 for a private lesson. The first class is free.


By Neil Singleton


Beyond Fitness


t: +61 2 9939 7515

a: 131 Alexander St, Crows Nest NSW



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