Balmain Bath House at Nature’s Energy in Balmain offers the ultimate in pure indulgence


The entrance to Nature’s Energy is found on the bustling Darling Road in Balmain. Once you enter the shop, you’re instantly transported to a calmer state of mind. There’s the exquisite scent of hand-made soaps, as well as crystals adorning the shelves.

A smiling attendant whisks you through double glass doors to the bathhouse, which is a place of peace and tranquillity. Here, the lighting is subdued, the colour scheme is warm and inviting, and the busy Darling Road is long forgotten.

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A quick tour of the bathhouse reveals a warm Jacuzzi set to 38°C, a cold plunge pool set to 20°C, a shower, a sauna, a steam room and three private scrub rooms.

As the bathhouse is unisex, swimming costumes are essential – the bonus of this is that you can enjoy this indulgent experience with your partner. Wednesday, however, is ladies-only day.

You could spend the whole time rotating between the bubbling spa, the sauna, steam room and the wonderfully refreshing cold plunge pool, but then you would be missing out on the amazing treatments.


One of the house specialities is the full-body Turkish scrub – you can opt for one that uplifts and invigorates or one that tones and detoxifies. Scrubs are also an excellent aid in detoxification and are said to boost the metabolism. And if you’re a regular spray tanner, the exfoliation of the scrub preps your skin perfectly for a smooth and seamless tan. After this 15-minute treat, your skin is shiny and oh so soft – and the effects last for days. You even get to keep the exfoliation gloves to use at home!

One of the signature treatments is the stress relief and relaxation massage – it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in the ultimate bliss-out. First, your therapist talks to you about your lifestyle and finds out the areas you’d like her to concentrate on, and then your body is gently stretched, released, massaged and lulled into total relaxation.


It’s hard to leave, but when you do, you can take a little Nature’s Energy magic dust with you. The shop is stocked with crystals, herbal tea blends, essential oils, soaps and candles – all made from paraben and sulphate-free natural ingredients. The products are also entirely handmade with love by the therapists at their Lilyfield factory. You can see the range and also order the items online.

Nature’s Energy provides treatments and spa therapies at three locations, however the bathhouse is unique to the Balmain shop.


By Lee Brooks


Balmain Bath House


t: (02) 9555 5533

a: 312 Darling St, Balmain, Sydney





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