Like any good tale, this one starts with a dark and stormy night


As the rain came down outside we stepped off Redfern Street into a cosy cavern of a place, decked out with skulls, exposed lightbulbs and wood furnishings. The nautical theme runs through the veins of this place, with the furniture being made from 90-year-old wood reclaimed from the wharves in Pyrmont and Glebe.

There’s only one rule: “No dicks, no crazies, don’t be shit.”

If you want to make like sailors – and pirates – from days of yore, this is the place. Specialists in rum, The Angry Pirate has about 18 different types from the likes of Cuba, Barbados, Trinidad, Guatamala and of course Jamaica. Historically though, sailors didn’t always just drink rum straight. To make it more palatable, water and sugar were added to make ‘grog’, and with that you’re well on your way to the start of a great cocktail.

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The Angry Pirate makes their own house-made grog, and blended with limes, lemons and passionfruit makes a wicked Grog Zombie that packs a punch. Bonus fact: the Grog Zombie is served on fire. Because why not.

The Angry and Sour also uses the house-made grog combined with refreshing lime and pomegranate.

Between the sounds of cocktail shaking and blues playing, work your way down the cocktail list. The classics are there – Dark and Stormy, Mojito, Angry Old-Fashioned – and there’s enough room to grab a dark corner with some mates and not feel jostled for space.

There’s only one rule: “No dicks, no crazies, don’t be shit.”

If you’re not into the cocktails they’ve got Young Henry’s on tap, and an extensive list of other craft beers and wines.

It’s an unpretentious bar that’s a great place to lose some time and run into some entertaining characters.


The Angry Pirate


t: (02) 9698 9140

a: 125 Redfern Street, Redfern


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