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Upon walking into the reception area of Advanced Myotherapy, one is immediately struck by a sense of calm and invitation. Each of the staff members greet you with a genuine smile and the feng shui design of the facility lends itself to serenity and, in the case of those with pain, hope.

Wandering past the front desk, clients find themselves in a cosy walk-through where they can await or reflect on their treatment. As with all the rooms, guests will find both a water and fire element that might just relax them enough to put down their phones and reflect for a few moments.


Clients are then escorted to one of several treatment rooms, across two floors, that continue the sanctuary feel of the entire facility. These rooms provide the privacy required to relax and have a candid conversation with your therapist. In addition to the treatment rooms, there’s a small room used for myo-balance classes, which are available five days a week.

In speaking with and receiving treatment from the owner of Advanced Myotherapy, Matthew Cleary, it becomes evident quite quickly that this is a man who has seen and helped a tremendous number of people during his 16+ years of practice.  He has instilled a methodology, across the practice, of mindful listening, root cause explanation, and detailed planning for issue resolution. He encourages questions and explains Myotherapy as a treatment regime that assesses the underlying causes of joint, muscle and nerve injuries and provides remedy via a range of options.

Those fortunate enough to receive a treatment will find the combination of massage therapy, needling, and cupping, revelatory. The specificity with which treatment is administered is akin to a doctor prescribing medicine. It will run the gamut of at home/office stretching, seating posture, treatment types and schedules, and even sleeping positions. It’s empowering for patients to realise that small changes throughout their life, in combination with treatment from Advanced Myotherapy, can pay huge dividends. The testimonials from their clients and the numerous books authored by the staff bear witness to this.


With a remedial massage facility popping up on every street corner, it’s difficult to know who has the experience and expertise to help address your challenges, be they large or small. One can rest assured that Matthew and his exceptional team of practitioners are exactly that: experienced in helping people be their absolute best and knowledgeable about how best to achieve that goal.


Charlie Richardson experienced the Initial Myotherapy Treatment, which costs $170. 



By Charlie Richardson



Advanced Myotherapy


t: (03) 9347 5764

a:  71 Elgin Street, Carlton, Victoria, 3053


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