Academy Kitchen & Bar on Bridge Road delivers the goods, again


By using the term Modern Australian to describe the food at Academy, the team are able to essentially do what they please in terms of incorporating culinary influences. So you’ll see a wide range of cuisines threaded through the menu.

If you haven’t tried duck ribs before, you’re going to want to sample these (pictured top right). They’re marinated in Asian spices, then deep fried and served with a chilli caramel dipping sauce. The ribs are is meaty but tender, and when dipped into the sweet-and-spicy sauce, are oh-so moreish.

Anybody who says veggie food is boring needs to get a load of this visually stunning, meat-free offering (pictured top left). Comprising heirloom carrots, miso yoghurt, hazelnut dukkah and lime, it’s light and fresh with a whole host of bright colours. Each flavour is distinct, but when combined with the others, synergise perfectly. The miso flavour woven into the yoghurt is subtle and in no way dominating as miso can be. And the dukkah brings a lovely nutty crunch. Edible flowers finish of this pretty dish perfectly.

If you love your red meat but aren’t after a heavy meal, the seared wagyu with nashi, honeydew, pickled ginger and soy may well be right up your street (pictured bottom left). The seared, wagyu steak has a marble score of 6, and is served sliced alongside a salad inspired by Asian flavours. Comprising refreshing spheres of nashi pear, disks of sweet honeydew and a hint of salt from the soy, this textural salad is light but in no way boring.

Another beautifully presented dish is the goat’s cheese tortellini with ratatouille and tomato bubbles. Soft eggplant cubes are scattered over the top of five well-formed tortellinis, which themselves wear a cloud of bubbles infused with a subtle tomato flavour.

For dessert, the chocolate and salted caramel sundae (pictured bottom right), is epic and deliciously indulgent. Or if you’re less of a sweet tooth-type, the yuzu parfait, matcha, strawberries and black sesame meringue might be more your go. Served atop a slice of dragon-fruit, the sweetness of this dish is subtle. And, as is the theme at Academy Kitchen & Bar, it backs it up just as much with aesthetics as it does with flavour.


By Christina Wylie


Academy Kitchen & Bar


t: 03 9427 8231

a: 318 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC


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