New modern Australian restaurant on Bridge Road

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Academy Kitchen & Bar has opened up on Bridge Road offering a social spot to grab some decent food and a couple of drinks while you’re at it.

There are plenty of wooden features throughout the interior, giving the space a warm and inviting feel. There’s a fully stocked bar to the right with stools for those who are just popping in for a drink, and the restaurant seating to the left.

The menu is varied, with both safe and slightly more avant-garde options on offer. The cuisine is labelled “Modern Australian”, which is pretty spot-on in terms of the international influences that you see dotted throughout the menu.

Kick off with some jalapeno mac and cheese bites. They’re crunchy little poppers of compacted mac and cheese, deep fried in bread crumbs, and served with dip – the perfect starter to subdue a rumbling belly.

Then there’s the duck and mountain pepper parfait, which was the clear favourite on this visit. It’s creamy, flavour packed, and oh-so moreish. It’s served with chutney to cut through the creaminess and brioche to spread the whole lot onto. Simply delicious.

If you’re keen to get a little more adventurous, go for an order of the crispy pig’s ear and kohlrabi lettuce wraps – although it’s actually no where near as scary as you might think. The ears are inoffensive crunchy strips (pictured above) with some coleslaw and hot sauce in little lettuce cups. All they do is add a great element of crunch to these tasty little bites.

The spicy fried chicken was one of the mains that came recommended by the staff. It’s served with smoked potato with gravy, and apple slaw – all the essentials.

Drinkswise they’ve got some good local beers, as well as wines, spirits and a few pretty cool cocktails.

Academy Kitchen & Bar seems like a great new addition to the Bridge Road restaurant offerings. It’s a relaxed and convenient place to grab a bite to eat and a bevvy, or two.


Christina Wylie 


Academy Kitchen & Bar


t: (03) 9427 8231

a: 318 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC


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