Market fresh groceries and recipes delivered to your door


Yeah, a lot of people want to improve their skills in the kitchen, in particular to be able to make some decent tasting, healthy meals at home. But when you’re tired at the end of the day and really can’t be bothered to go and get fresh ingredients and spend the time whipping up something reasonable, you could really do with somebody to do the pre-planning for you. Marley Spoon delivers market fresh groceries, along with recipes that tell you what to do with it all, to your door.

It’s not at all like a Light n’ Easy-type service in that the meals are not prepared for you. Instead, you’re given the raw ingredients and are told how to prepare and cook them. So in this aspect, you’re saving time shopping and also planning your meals. One of the great outcomes of this service is that you get not only recipe ideas, but also ideas about how to use ingredients in ways you may not have thought of before. For example, in the delivery that we received, there was barley used in a salad, and in another dish lettuce was cooked as part of a stir fry.

The three meals that we received were: spicy tandoori salmon, barley and beetroot salad with crushed walnut dressing, and lamb steak with summer sauté. They were colourful, fresh, and full of flavour and fresh herbs. There was also a good variety in the style of dishes available – you choose from their website what you want delivered in your box (selecting the number of people it’s for, how many meals you want that week, and which meals you want).

If you’re looking for a fast fix for dinner, Marley Spoon may not be for you. The dishes are not that quick to prepare, with some taking over 40 minutes. Marley Spoon definitely takes out some of the legwork though, so if you don’t mind spending a little time in the kitchen, you’ll be duly rewarded.

Marley Spoon is ideal for people who love cooking and want to get some new ideas, but who want the whole process to be easier and more convenient.


By Christina Wylie


Marley Spoon


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