There are so many travel bloggers out there, but who really knows their stuff? Here are our top 5.

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Tuula Vintage

One of the greatest hooks that any travel website could have is to be visually stunning – you’re selling the “beauty” of an experience after all, and it takes a special blogger that has an eye for detail and image to make a visitor go “wow!” Well, with blogger Jessica Stein’s Tuula Vintage website, you’ll definitely get hooked with the beautiful layout and even more amazing photos. Each photo shows Stein in a stunning location, and the composition of the photo looks like it was shot by a professional photographer. Check out her social media links at:

Twitter: @tuulavintage
FB: www.facebook.com/pages/tuula/246226994238
IG: @tuulavintage

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Polka Dot Passport

A travel blog with just the right amount of girly-ness. Nicola’s Aussie-based travel blog ignites the travel bug in you as soon as you click onto it. Her website posts a lot of gorgeous, breath-taking photos that will make you want to pack your bags and do some travelling for yourself, and her blog posts are fun and refreshing to read. Check out her social media sites here:

Twitter: @polkadotpp
FB: www.facebook.com/polkadotpassport
IG: @polkadotpassport

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World of Wanderlust

“Wanderlust” is such a delightful word, and it’s something that you will definitely feel when you visit travel blogger Brooke Saward’s gorgeous website. Aside from beautiful photos and idyllic destinations, Brooke also posts pictures of the yummy local delicacies of the places she has visited, as well as great travel tips for both veteran and newbie travellers. Check out her social media sites here:

Twitter: @worldofwlust
FB: www.facebook.com/WorldOfWanderlust
IG: @worldwanderlust

Mister Weekender

Sometimes, life gets a little too busy for anything more than a quick weekend getaway, and travel blogger Jaharn Giles’ website offers great tips for quick and easy getaways that won’t take up too much time and money. Her website is very clean and easy to navigate, and her Instagram photos will make you feel like you’re right there with her, experiencing one epic adventure after another. Check out her social media sites here:

Twitter: @MisterWeekender
FB: www.facebook.com/MisterWeekender
IG: @misterweekender


Little Grey Box

Little Grey Box is run by blogger and adventurer Phoebe, who also spends some of her time blogging about beauty tips. Her writing is witty and fun to read – and as is indicative of some of the best travel blogs, just a little bit self-depreciating. Her website features a lot of her own videos, and you’ll definitely fall in love with her voice. Check out her social media links at:

Twitter: @littlegreybox
FB: www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Grey-Box/319676578098661
IG: @littlegreybox_phoebe


Our advice? Just be careful when you’re browsing through these five awesome websites, because you’ll definitely feel not just a little bit of your own wanderlust and sense of adventure calling out!


NB: All photos are taken from the respective blogs.

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